Dave Akuma - the Cage (final)


Bag of Hammers
Great drum sound - spread out nice and wide, really f##ckin' heavy intro - great builds and changeups. Absolutely deady at the drop - the forth bar drum loop has some very cool dynamics effects panning it to the centre left. These killer breaks are your own I assume - splendid. This track just gets darker and darker with more and more variations and and nasty evil sounds added. I've checked a bunch of your other tracks out on other sites, but this one takes the cake. Mental mash session in the second drop - great pauses, rolls etc. And after every variation - the sub comes POUNDING back in - right on brother! :applause: Are you out of Hamilton ON? Or on a label there or something? I do dnb with Stu Magoo and other Toronto foggies, but started by touring the T.O. clubs playing death metal/gridcore in the early 90's, and your name has come up. My latest dnb track has a lot of the death metal influence in heaviness and variations. Check out "None would Escape" at http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=335558&T=6750 I'll be tuning in to all your latest bro - respect
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