Data - Endgame / Dissent [hzn054 - digital exclusive]


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Data returns to Horizons Music with the abstract and technical 'Endgame'.
Menacing midrange tones sit amongst classic Data atmospherics in the intro, while machine-like rises and snarls build tension. A relentless broken half-time beat thunders through the arrangment, led by a distinctive and distorted rimshot. Data's trademark subbass tones are prominent in the low end, smoothly working with the kick to provide chest thumping pressure. Abstract and dark.
Dissent provides the flip, it's sinister radio chatter opening events.
Plans for revolution?
The thought is quickly put to one side as the drop leaps in, it's huge subbass movement roaring alongside glistening metallic drum hits. Distorted computer tones groan and cry for mercy as twisted mids tear through the sonic landscape.

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