Darkside Ride _Darkcore 1993 syle- Radius pon dex full T/L 192 kbps


Full Spectrum Selection
VIP Junglist
Sep 29, 2005
Somewhere over the flyover

Darkside ride…. DJ Radius at the controls

A selection of late 1992 –1993 dark drum and bass. 93.6 meg 192kbps 1hr 8mins

1.”Atmosphere” Chaos & Julia Set –Recoil Records
2.”Timebomb” Tango –Formation
3.”???” The Junglist Vol.II F Project
4. “World of Music” Peshay –Infrared
5.”inna Year 4000” Dj Crystl –Freakout Recordings
6.”the brain Records Crew” Bizy B & Equinox –Brain records
7.”Bad Man Style” Soundlab vol.1 –Lucky Spin
8.”Mind Scracther” The Sorcerer –ADR
9.”A taste of things to come ep” Ratty –Formation
10.”Total Amnesia” Bizzy B –Big City Recordings
11.”The Chopper” DJ Hype –Suburban Base
12.”Don’t Get me Vexed” Bay B Kane – SOHN
13.”Rain of Drums” Orca –Lucky Spin
14.”The Rising” Underworld (Mr.E,Kenny Charles & Dillinja) –Target records
15.”Power” Invisible Man –Timeless records
16.”The Touch” Origina Unknown –Ram
17.”The Rumble” Nut Nut & Pure Science –Production House
18.”Source of All Evil” (DJSS Remix) Ratty –Formation
19.”Funky Hardcore (Hype rmx)” Q-Bass Suburban Base
20.”The Power” Bizzy B –Whitehouse
21.”Twisted” The Invisible Man –Bangin B Line
22.”Tales from the Darkside” (Micky Finn & Bay B Kane rmx) Tango & Ratty ( re release)
23. “Rolling with the Punches” mastersafe –Formation
24. “All you wanted” Skanna ( Skanna records #8)
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