Darkness - FWLR (Trap/Drumstep/HARDASFUK)

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    Jan 20, 2016
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    Meet my new single Darkness - a trap/drumstep hybrid that goes really efffin' hard. It actually started out as a joke song I was making when my girlfriend and her friend Laura were in my studio. We were playing around with Laura's voice but as I built the song up I realized that the track was going in a totally different direction from the original funny vibes (sorry Laura... I'll use those samples some day!). When I saw the video of Benedict Cumberbatch filming the dragon sequence from The Hobbit and he said "a darkness is coming" I just HAD to sample it. Then things got really out of hand and a couple days later I had the 100+ tracks of sound design insanity that it is now. Enjoy.

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