Darklands Rmx Contest!"no.1"


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Feb 20, 2003
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RMX contest! _Silent Nova_

Check it dawgs..here are the simple rules:

1- you can use all the samples or some, the song needs to have a character linking to the original.

2-As with every remix, your original style and vibe added in would be a plus.

3- Link the song where it's posted in this sticky (you can make one and call it ..Links to entries or something :)

4- Remix can be in ANY drum'n bass form.

5- Deadline is end of May.

da link to dl the samples from king tut-ramsis page:


and the link to the original track"Silent Nova"


good luck people...ill cya soon

other Rules:

None!!! just post your bang'n mix somewhere BEFORE end of April-may and link us up in the DARKLAND forum..winners will probably get some mix CD's from our tight junglists here..

Junglists on it so far in notify order : Asymmetric, DJ Sinister, Asmodean,
DJ Klippa, Jerzz, Optikal Assassin, Fractured Fool, Mr1200, Dave Akuma, Alkalai, Certifieddemon, Straight-P, Teknikal Infektion..more to come yaw!!!

btw heres da original page of k.tut's post in darkland!!


check there for more info ..etc

peace n roll dem beats~!
ok i'm in it but i'm going to use this amen break same shizzi but it sounds a whole lot better.


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