Darkland063 - Digital Conspiracy (Noistek / Ballistic / Arkitekt / Bounce) free 320ks

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    Darkland063 - Digital Conspiracy (Noistek / Ballistic / Arkitekt / Bounce)


    A.Apocalypse Prophecy (Noistek)

    B.Pitched Project (Ballistic)

    C.Breakcore (Arkitekt, Noistek, Ballistic)

    D.Resolutionless (Bounce)






    - 2006


    links & Info:

    In 2003, Albert Brooks aka Noistek, a most prolific and accomplished producer and CD project veteran,
    skilled in the arts of the darkside, set out to create an outlet for the Washington D.C.(US)
    area's darkest and most skilled jungle producers.Teaming up first with long-time friend Aaron Levy aka Ballistic,
    the crew known as Digital Conspiracy was born.Early 2004 saw the start with the Digital Conspiracy CD
    featuring harsh, insanely diverse hardcore tunes which started to get the attention of a great deal
    of darkcore fans and artists alike.2005 saw the dawn of a new era when the original DC members teamed up
    with a new recruit known simply as Bounce. Bounce added the flavor and influence of dancefloor vibes
    (the likes of Pendullum, Raiden, & Concord Dawn). This added a balance of hardcore aggression and club-friendly
    sound to the mix.2006 arrives with a new project: Digital Conspiracy: Last Days. 14 tracks of insane production,
    deep bass, seering reeces and mangled breaks glitched beyond any possibilty of boredom. This time the gang's all here!
    - Noistek, Ballistic, Bounce and newest addition, Arkitekt- A expert Reason,
    whose distorted eratic drumwork and warped distorted basslines will definitely drive you mad.
    Darkland is pleased to bring you 4 tracks from the Digital Conspiracy collective:
    Apocalypse Prophecy (Noistek)
    Pitched Project (Ballistic)
    Breakcore (Arkitekt, Noistek, Ballistic)
    Resolutionless (Bounce)
    With an ep from D.C. founder Noistek coming soon!


    Email: info@digibeats.net
    More?: www.digibeats.net


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