Darkland-Agency + Roster

Darkland Agency was founded in 2004.
The project is based on a different policy than some other agencies.

As party-organisers know, agencies sometimes charge sky-high prices and we like to limit whatever we can limit..

We also help the party-organiser look around for cheap accomodation and transportation.
Charge a fair price,thats our policy.
We looked around for people who support the idea and nowadays you can book over 5 different nationalities and several genres to pick from.

We recently expanded our boundaries, UK,Ireland and USA have their own departement now, as it is really necessary in Europe to have a headquarter in the UK.

The U.K/Ireland agency will be run by :
Skelm - Darkland-Agency Executive Manager / Public Relations / Promotion Manager
Mahari Stavrou - Darkland-Agency Personal Assistant
Stixx - Darkland-Agency Press Officer + website administrator/webmaster
NME - Darkland-Agency Promotion Manager

The USA representative is:
Hedcase - Darkland-Agency Executive Manager / Public Relations / Promotion Manager

The European Agency will be run by:
Agent Europe - Darkland-Agency Public Relations / Executive Manager
Hack Ira - Darkland-Agency Designer / Promotion Manager
Dual Shock - Darkland-Agency Public Relations / Administration

In the future, we will bring you international gigs in Europe with our residents djs and guests.
We've got big plans for the future and with a lot of help from all over the world, you'll be hearing from these parties soon!!!
If you've got any questions, suggestions or want to join the agency, feel free to contact us by sending us an e-mail.
contact our main agent for any further questions ect... : agent_europe@darkland-agency.com


Darkland-Agency's Roster so far:
U.S.A /Canadian Region


DJ Shortee & Dj Faust (4 Turntables set!) (playboy,urban assault) (USA)
Dj Faust (Playboy,urbanassault,CNET, The Essentials)(USA)
Dj Shortee (playboy,hardstepsistaz,eyekissfilms)(USA)
Brizene (chronic soundsystem/darkland-agency/rinseproof-records) (Canada)
HedCASE(Reasonable-insanity/Darkland-Agency/Potentially Deadly Rec./RinseProof Rec.) (USA)

Hip-Hop/Trip-Hop DJ's

Scottfro (junglewarriors) (USA)


U.K Region


CCQ (LIVEBAND,Hip Hop DnB Jazz Band) (U.K)
Lillydamwhite (LIVEBAND,Hip Hop Punk Rock Band) (U.K)

Hip-Hop/Trip-Hop DJ's

Dj Madds (Manic Compression) (Hip-Hop) (UK)

D'n'B DJ's

Outrage (Metalheadz/L-Plates/Flex/Nu Urban Music) (UK)
Temper-D (moving shadow/beta rec.) (UK)
Skelm (Beatdealers/RinseProof Rec./CC-Radio) (UK)
Miss Elorak (stressdabassshop/boups/pussietraxes) (B) Female Dj
Miss Represent (aftershockradio) (UK) Female Dj
Shroombab (urban takeover/high tension/thermal rec.) (UK)
Perfect Combination (U-Turn/Rollin'/Formation/Freeform rec) (UK)
Dj Impact (Revolution Recordings/Cell rec./Dynamic Recordings/UKRumble)(UK)
The Bouncer (ignitionsoldiers) (UK)
JB/Dred Bass (back2basics rec.) (UK)
Dj Spice (back2basics rec) (UK) Female Dj
Nikki T (lotek-dnb/aftershock radio) (UK) Female Dj
Ray Rampage (dnbsource/Pyrotechnic radio) (UK)
Johnny H (Tribal Fusion/UK BASS Radio/Label Spinners ) (UK)
Dj Apach aka Spy Master (darkland-recordings)(Poland)
Dj Prospect (PTF kru/ORIGIN 95.2FM/DBR/Cc-radio)(UK)
Dj Topaz(leetradio/DNBradio/PFradio) (U.K)
Powder Monkey(future-producers.co.uk) (U.K)
Dj Reaper (cc-radio) (UK)
Disfunction (Propaganda Recordings)(UK)
Taxman (Propaganda Recordings)(UK)
Jaydan (Propaganda Recordings)(UK)
G Dub (Propaganda Recordings)(UK)
Dj Sky (cc-radio) (UK)
Dj Stixx (Darkland-Agency/RinseProof Rec.)(UK)
Bad Intentions (U.K)
Dj Caution (U.K)
Dj Function (U.K)
Dj Slack(GTA) (U.K)
Dj Loco (UK)
Dj Spex (UK)
Dj Hixxx (UK)


MC COPPA (RTR/UK) Mc/Vocalist/ Recording Artist
MC Carasel (UK)
Mc Flexa (CC-Radio,OriginFM) (U.K)


Propaganda Recordings (UK)
Rinse Proof Records (UK)


Belgium/Netherlands Region


Phonehome (LIVEBAND/DnB) (Netherlands)


Hack Ira (Freq.Disturbance/Darkland-agency)(DJ/LIVE/DnB) (Belgium)
Namto (Freq.Disturbance/Darkland-agency)(DJ/LIVE/DnB) (Belgium)
MindHackers (LIVE/DnB) (Belgium)
D'Lo (RavingBull/WTS radio/CC-Radio/Darkland-agency) (Belgium)
Bkiss (RavingBull/WTS radio/CC-Radio) (Belgium)

Europe/Belgium Office

Head Manager office : Agent Europe

SITE : http://www.darkland-agency.com
INFO : info@darkland-agency.com
BOOKINGS : bookings@darkland-agency.com
SECRETARY : dualshock@darkland-agency.com
MSN/MAIL : darkland_agency@hotmail.com
AIM : dualshoc
SKYPE : darklandagency_belgium
DEMOS : demos@darkland-agency.com
Mobile : +(00)32(0)486986039

UK/Scotland/Ireland Office

Name : Skelm

SITE : http://www.darkland-agency.com
INFO : info_uk@darkland-agency.com
BOOKINGS : bookings_uk@darkland-agency.com
DIRECTOR : skelm@darkland-agency.com
SECRETARY : darklandssecreteryuk@darkland-agency.com
MAIL : darklandagency@hotmail.co.uk
AIM : darklandagency1
SKYPE : darklandagency_uk
Mobile : 07813290892
Home : +44 0117 9090161

USA/Canada Office

Name : Hedcase

SITE : http://www.darkland-agency.com
INFO : info_usa@darkland-agency.com
BOOKINGS : bookings_usa@darkland-agency.com
DIRECTOR : hedcase@darkland-agency.com
SECRETARY : darklandssecreteryusa@darkland-agency.com
MAIL : darkland_agency@hotmail.com
AIM : darklandagency1
SKYPE : darklandagency_usa
Mobile : ....
Home : ....