Darkland 89 - Sick Cycle (free 320k mp3s)

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    Darkland 89 - Sick Cycle


    A.The Mist - Sick Cycle

    AA.Degenerate - Sick Cycle





    Copyright : Sick Cycle - 2007


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    Sick Cycle is made up two producers: Michael West "Westy" and Levon Maider "Ape", and hail from Christchurch, New Zealand.
    "Sick Cycle" was originally started by Westy back in 2005,
    and he later decided to merge with Ape after several successful collaborations.

    Now the duo, occasionally with live Vocals by Jodi Pfahlert,
    smash the dancefloors with their own breed of noise: utterly obliterating the senses and leaving you in a state of shock.

    Gigs around New Zealand have seen them play alongside the likes of Andy C, A-Sides, Concord Dawn, DJ Slipmatt and COSM;
    but the team are always keen to play their music wherever the ears want them.

    Their first release "Shellshock" has gained international acclaim and is played by many DJ's around the globe.

    Be sure to keep an eye out for these dark soldiers in the near future!

    email : sickcyclenz@hotmail.com

    webpage : http://www.myspace.com/sickcyclenz


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