DnB Dark "Ultrafunk" anyone?


Sep 23, 2011
San Francisco, CA
OK OK, tryin' out something new here. I need to work on the mixdown according to some labels, so let's get to work. I've already decided to lower (or maybe even cut?) the amens since they are very upfront. Other than that I need specifics. I'm starting to suspect what they really mean is just cut the volume of everything but the kick and snare.


I wanna try something like this now!! Cool stuff.
The synths dont seem to have that much hi end, they don't really sting through the mix. Bass and drums seem to be clashing just a little bit I think? The volumes seem alright on my speakers. I do have shitty speakers though so my opinion might be off.
Those pads(?) that come in at the end are awesome btw!
Wicked Styles! Yeah I think the main thing is that overall it's just so fucking busy in there, need to somehow retain some clarity in the mix- I would maybe try having a look at which sounds are clashing frequency-wise. Also it's probably a matter of taste, but I would even look to add some more highs to kick and snare to help them punch through!
Exactly the sort of thing I need to hear people, will post back with a new upload when I get a chance. I've already taken some of the high "harmony" synths out where the sawtooth bassline was busy, lowered the amens, given the snare more high end, and generally let the two reeses, toms, kick, and snare dominate more than in the above mixdown.

That first half-time drop is starting to sound sooooooooooooooooo gay though - not in the good way like funky funky house either...
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