Dark tunes?


Nov 2, 2008
West Country!
Im gettin in to the sorta dark sounding tunes..

Like Nosia - facade/stigma/dipladicos...

but to be honest....i dont really know any other darker artists or banging dark tunes....

anyone help me out ? :)
check out phace, teebee, calyx, uwan, gein, spor, limewax, Konflict, mayhem, black sun empire, cause 4 concern, ed rush and optical, phobia, rawthang, Evol intent, Keaton, hive, Loxy, Gridlock - few of my favourites.
Lots of good filth producers, definetly check out: Apex, Spor, Phace, C4C, Mayhem, Calyx, TeeBee, Black Sun Empire, Evol Intent, Audio, Raiden, Demo, Cease.

And if you wanna go even darker then check: Gein, SPL, Limewax, Current Value, The Panacea, SPKTRM.
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