Dark tune


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Aug 13, 2013
The timbres you've got going with the breaks are really nice, really rough but not lacking in power. I like the switch you make but I think you should vary the breaks more within each section, there are definitely more things you could do... try moving the snares off 2 and 4 or doing a few repeat 3 beat patterns or fills/rolls and stuff. Or like ghost notes that are a bit shorter and quieter give you lots of potential ideas. I also reckon the ending is a bit lazy, you don't need to do much to finish it but you could do a little bit more.

I would like the idea apart from I watched too much dr. who as a kid so now it seems a bit silly

Madd Maxx

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Sep 15, 2017
Cheers for the feedback man, really appreciated, i find im improving alot on drum structure but am still vastly learning,never had so much fun making breaks though ^_^ i definately get really lazy with the endings sometimes haha i make a hook and then an intro into it and then i just want to show everyone so i need to stop that hahahah
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