dark thoughts


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mate this is a huge jump up from your other stuff! really cool watching people progress and youve done so here. nice atmospheric intro into a big bassline, drums have a nice punch too. maybe a tiny bit more volume on the snare, the bass is a tad loud for it. i think your fx use is my fav part of the tuen, some really cool glitchy bits and sweeps everywhere.

that almost off key bass on the second drop adds a very dark vibe to the tune too.

only feedback i can really give is as follows:
- the filtering before the drop on the drums, i think the resonance is probably quite high? i could be mistaken, but i personally prefer a low resonance/q when filtering drums (personal preference)
- changing it up. the bass line is fat, but it does get slightly repetetive. i would try high passing some of it for a bit, then bringing it back in to keep it interesting

other than that, its sounding really good! good work man