Drum & Bass Dark, percussive experimental mix - Clarity, Loxy & Resound, Halogenix, etc


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Clarity - Off the Cuff
Halogenix - Possibility
Escher - Cymbal Runner
Indigo - The Root
Overlook - Actress
Ruffhouse - Classified
Instra:mental - Thugtronik
Loxy & Resound - Innervision
Beastie Respond - Be Quiet
Mortem - The Touch
Abstract Elements - Fourth Dimension
Gemmy & Baobinga - Rockfall
J:Kenzo - Ironclad
Pessimist - Ceaseless
Amoss - Footloose VIP

Just worked on a tracklist last night and threw it together this morning. Hoping the vibe translates correctly!

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Welcome Bad Habit! Tracklist looks up my street, so I'll give it a listen.

Using Off The Cuff was nice as an intro tune, but I prefer to hear that tune in the mix with tunes either side of it. Cool little percussion roll of Possibility just before the drop of Off The Cuff. Possibility's percussion rolls very well with the step of Off The Cuff for a wicked mix & when the wooden stabs come in, the combination is quality. >Tease. Not heard Cymbal Runner before & the mix with that sounded as good as the mix just before. Intro of The Root peaks through to the breakdown in Cymbal Runner for The Root to have full effect on its own from the drop. Still working with The Root myself. Nice mix with Actress too. Would never have thought of mixing those two together, but they worked a peach. Classified blended well off the back of Actress. Really enjoyed both steppy drum structures of Classified & Thugtronik sitting together. I should have picked up that Thugtronik tune a while back as it sounds wicked in the mix. Haunting vibes of Innervision peak into Thugtronik well for the steppy drums to continue.

Enjoyable electro bounce in Be Quiet is quite a contrast to the name of the tune & something completely different to the flavours of The Touch, when that started to make its appearance. Wicked mix with Be Quiet - The Touch. Fourth Dimension steps in for the breakdown in The Touch, for the switch to have full effect. Rockfalls jungle sample notes started to merge midway through the first part of Fourth Dimension, bringing back the feelings from the first section of your mix. Not heard Rockfall before, but I am aware of Baobinga & he makes some very interesting tunes. Ironclad is another new one for me, with its forceful bass, it also sits nicely with Rockfall before. Liking the shuffly notes in there & the chopped vocal. Machine stomps from Ceaseless make themselves known for the almost unmistakable sound of a Pessimist tune, continuing the steppy theme towards the end of the ride. Footloose vip was a cool outro tune, but another switch. Prefer to hear that in the middle of the mix again, but thats just me.

Really wicked mix for your first mix & first post on here. I especially enjoyed the Off The Cuff - Possibilty mix & Be Quiet - The Touch. Slightly to many plain switches for me & would have liked them to be mixes instead, but thats only personal preference, not taking anything away from you mixing, which was on point. Plus a slightly higher tunes to minutes ratio than I expected to see for a 34 minute mix is always an added bonus, without substituting quantity for quality. Interested to see what will make it into your next mix.

Would appreciate if you could have a listen to my latest mix & jot some feedback, as some of the artist are your cup of tea & some tunes crop up in your mix -> http://dnbforum.com/showthread.php/...Bass-2-Data-Overlook-Skeptical-Clarity-Synkro
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Cheers Watcha & jsmith, appreciated!

Watcha that mix is perma-gurn material for me, love basically every tune except for Phalanx (that one wore off for some reason). Always blended nicely too. Though obviously Blush Response is classic. Love the Rags & Clarendon bit; I'm always forgetting Clarendon is a Certified Banger. Sick build up into Actress, and huuuge tip on Other Sights & Black Hole.