Hi man,
first tune - I really like all the small details all around the track, you have really cool ideas. Overall sound is Goodaswell. I would however change the second drop more... And maybe the beat after 32bars can have some new elements... maybe breakbeat in the background or maybe more hihats?
second tune is probabl wip ?? It sounds cool but I think there is same prob. for me as in first tune, the drop is powerfull but it´s repeating too much for me ... Overall you know what you are doing :) I like it
Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to listen to my music and leave some really constructive feedback!
Hi there,
Thank you for listening to my tracks and your comment!! Try not to be shy with your music, although I know how personal it can be... Anytime you wanna send over a tune id love to hear it.... Good luck and happy writing
Hey this is good stuff man, the sounds sound excellent, where are they from?

Generally I think both tubes need variations. First tune has a one note bassline which is not my favourite strategy and the second one is a tad messy. Heavy tunes though.

Love this... will share one of mine someday...only one though because I'm shy
We hope to hear your tunes soon.
Hey man,
Thanks for the feedback, seems like a recurring thing I hear, the need for a switch up in the drops, im just going on an "ABAB" drop style so ill have to start ABCDing it!!! The messy one yes.. I will have to work on my skills :) Maybe its eq or too many noises?
The sounds are from many different packs/snips... I can tell you that the one note bass is from "production master neurosys 2" By black octopus Its a really good pack!
The main bass on footprint could have a bit of automation variation and like logikz said it is just one note. Even two notes makes a difference. The fill bass is a bit too quiet in the mix. Madness was better because the bass was more consistent. The drums sound nice but I like to hear some variation.

For me the samples are a bit cliche and edm and one was a doorbell. It reminded me of NAPT though and it can work in the rave. If you scratched these types of samples then it would emphasise their nature.
Thanks again Bart...
I will try to be more creative in the future.... Thanks for the heads up on changing the note slightly, I hear this in dubstep lots.....one note even varied twice makes it a lot more interesting..... I am now starting to use a seperate sub bass on my tracks rather than from the audio sample its self,, thanks to Logikz wisdom.... Im finding this is making the bassline more consistant in volume in my limiter.
thanks all.
Hi nice tunes, I especially like Footprints. I like that kind of bass just smashing away in your face, my only change would be to change the long stabs for the B section to like a syncopated 8th or 16th note pattern (could use a gate to do this too) just for some variety before it smashes back in on long notes for the second A again. But yeah nice tune for me.
Hey blackphil
Thanks for your time and the feeback man its most appreciated! I shall give using a gate a go on future projects and see what I can come up with!
Nice one ;)
No worries, I really like that style of tune. Yeah man running that kind of sound through a gate can get some cool results and most important it's fun :)
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