Dark/neuro-type track "Presence Of Life"


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Weird tune : K

The melody is eerie. Makes me think of mass Chaos... and Anarchy. I like the Riff when the Bass is doing it... but the supporting layers don't jive with me.. they just don't sound right... the patches I mean.

2:05... having that organ riff layered on top of the Sub is too much for the mix to handle - sounds crowded. It's weird, but considering how full your Bass is... the mix doesn't sound like it needs any Mid Range work... just a couple Higher Ranger layers (800 and up)... delayed lead bits/etc. Again, I think the Bass is cool but the other layers just aren't working for me : )

Mixwise: the Perc is cutting through but overall (Bass is where it needs to be too, levels all sound solid), the Mix sounds fuzzy... I'm not sure what's going on.. maybe you're pushing some Comp on the drums/bass too hard in the Mix or you did something on the Master Channel?... not sure.


: ))