Dark mix, Jump up mix, b2b mayhem!


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Jun 7, 2008

Chris_L and i had a bit of a cotch last night and recorded a couple of mixes, one was my first recording, he did one and then we went for a bit of b2b mayhem.

First time recording so don't be too harsh, all criticism welcome though. Few bits of dodgy beat matching but its alright really.

So, for your listening pleasure:

Mix 1, Saint

Serengeti _ Subterra
Forever _ Big Bud
Peninsula _ Spectrasoul
Echoes _ Icicle
Event Horizon _ Hive & Gridlok feat. Calyx
Cold Champagne _ Phace
Slow Motion _ Logistics
Forget Tommorow _ Survival
Strictly _ Commix
Blowpipe _ Data
Amazon _ Loxy & Ink

Mix 2, DJ Kenneth (Chris_L)

Skyhook - Inside Info
Pieces - Chase & Status
True Romance - D Bridge & Vegas
Battlefield - Benny Page
Signal - Fresh
Molehill - Spor
Tear You Down - Brookes Brothers
Feelings (Nu:Tone remix) - Shy FX & T Power
Join The Dots - Sub Focus
Get Out Clause - Xample
Taken - DC Breaks
Breathe In Scream Out - Spor
Profiler - Lomax

Mix 3, Saint b2b DJ Kenneth MAYHEM

Logistics - Reality Checkpoint
Friction & K-Tee - Untitled Blues

Break - Sick
Noisia - Diplodocus
Audio - Missing
Katharsys - The Scraper
Chase & Status - Judgement

TC - Drink (Xample remix)
Ebony Dubsters - Ra (Original Sin remix)(rewind, Saint fuckup)
Lomax - Artisan
Icicle - Weak Moments

Adele - Hometown Glory (High Contrast remix)
Phace - Astral Projection

Sabre - Riverside (Zero T remix)
Alix Perez feat. Steo - Refusal

Roni Size & DJ Die - Music Box (Sigma remix)
Friction & Nu Balance - Slipsteam (Logistics remix)
Icicle - Strange Fruit

D Bridge - Creatures Of Habit
Logistics - Cocoon
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