Dark Horizon - Not sure of the genre :S


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Jun 6, 2009
Hey guys, I'm pretty new to this forum, been on for a couple of days now, I think this is the right place to post this, if it's not please tell me so I can delete the thread and move it to where it's meant to go.

Basically I'm looking for a bit of critisism on a track I put together. I used FL studio 8. It's my first real attempt at a D&B track, I've been listening to D&B for about 3 years now, mostly stuff like Current Value and Venetian Snares. Still don't know much about the sub genres within D&B though, so I can't tell you what this track is; I think it's Dark D&B?

Anyway, this forum's helped me quite a bit figuring out how to work the 3xOsc so this is also my first time trying to create my own bass sound using that.

I just really want to know what you guys think of this track, if it's good, bad, terrible, and particularly what you think of the bass sound.

Thanks :)


The ambient bit at the start is a 3xOsc. The drums are the flight drum kit (used in cleanVSdirty track that comes with FL8) sliced up, re-arranged and in places cut up with various filters and stuff. The arps are done with the WASP generator, if I remember correctly. And the echoey melody that kicks in was created by using the FL speech generator to generate the basic vowel sounds, then that was put through the vocoder, saved as a wav, then sliced up.

Sorry this threads too long, sorry for rambling, and hopefully you might like this track, if not do tell why so I can stop sucking.
Like the vibe definitely, I would put the drums lower in the mix and get a nice sub bass in there somewhere maybe have a drop at around 1:20. Sounds great otherwise gl
First the snare noise thing is waaay loud so I can't turn it up very loud to listen. In fact I'm finding it hard to discern anything else. The bass....well it's run off somewhere, it's scared of the snare.
Um...I can hear lots of good ideas I guess, I sort of understand what you were trying to do but that mixing just left me a bit confused.
Ok, I messed about the with levels a bit; fixed the drums - I think lol. Haven't put a sub bass in mostly because I'm just using headphones atm. I'm getting new speakers at the end of the week, so I'll probs do more work on this then.

Thanks for the input guys.
percussive elements sound a little disconnected, remember to follow the rhythm even though you want to whore-out on edits.

keep makin tunes dood
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