Dark/Hardstep 97 era Tune


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My many years of seeking has still failed to find one particular tune which is rare but known amongst the fraternity.

Had it on a couple of pirate radio tapes back in late 90's.

My instinct says it is a dillinja or renegade hardware tune.

It starts off with synths, very melodic, calming and thought provoking with little / no drums. A voice riff occurs where it goes something like "Jack, jack, jack, jack, jack" getting louder then quieter.

Then when the drop comes in there is a nasty bass riff that is in the middle, always reminded me of something getting electricuted (maes me think of a storm). It doesn't sound electric per say, but compared to the rest of the rolling hardstep tune this bass line goes up a notch and is a quick scatter of 5 notes.

Funnily enough the tune I can say that sounds closest or similar to the drop is Doc Scotts remix of Metropolis where it drops around 3:00 in : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KC_mRMS5iIw

Its the sort of tune you would expect to have appeared on Renegade Hardwares Quantum Mechanics album, but it isn't on there!

Any ideas?