DnB Dark dnb with amens.. Raf:ki - Pockets to nowhere

Very Dark man! Which I like :)

When you say you have been doing dnb for a few months I assume you mean you have been making other genres before hand? Cause the production quality seems very good to me! :)

Ummm, it is so dark. That is one thing I get from it. It is real eerie, I like that!

However, I am 4.30 in and am going to make the asumption this is what the build up was working to. If I am honest I would have liked to see the track take on more of a D&B style. Whack the amen in on a drop or something. To me the tune just seemed like a massive build up. An atmospherical one for sure though!

On the ither hand if I had made this track I know exactly what I would use it for. When it comes to albums, or EPs, I love it when an artist makes a track flow into another, typically it would be the first track into the second. The first track is there to sort of create tension and build the listener up to whats about to drop! I say create another tune with some of the same sounds etc. and when this one fades out it could go BAM! :lol: Straight in there with the Amen and that Heavy Bass (Maybe put a LFO on there to give it a wub wub sort of thing going on so the second track isn't essentially identical) and a nice melody :)

I hope that makes sense. If not feel free to check out my Just a Dream EP (in sig). The first and second track of that demonstrate what I am trying to say. :) However, because you have to stream it there is a gap in the middle which kills the mood :lol: but you would see what I mean!

Anyways, nice track! I say keep it and use it as an opener :P
Thanks for your comment man! means a lot!

No its only the second track i made ever, And i have to say that my goal was to make a dark creepy sound. I have no big plan about it, more like an experiment and a training :)

I see what you mean with the first track of your EP, and I really like Fallen by the way, very atmo like it!! What software do you use? I work with live

Thanks again, its greatly appreciated!
If this is the second track you have ever made then big ups man! This is sounding absolutley great! :)

Keep with the experimentation, I am about 6 months in and am still finding what I want to make exactly :lol:

Glad you liked Fallen :)

I use Cubase 4, and the whole EP was made with that, but a select few of my tracks are made using Logic Pro 9 as I have access to that at school :)

I tried out the Trial of Live and the sounds you could get were so good. Personally I found the ease of use not so great, people that have knowledge of Live can create some sweet stuff though, like you have here :)
Really loving the atmospherics, extremely well done! Very dark and moody.

As a whole, the track doesn't really do much for me though. Mostly just as a personal preference. It feels like the track is building to something, and it creates a ton of suspense, but then you never that get that release of energy. I realize however you were probably wanting to go experimental on this so it's not necessarily a fault. Just a personal taste.

I also listened to the other track on your soundcloud and really enjoyed it. Extremely strong use of percussion to drive the track. I found it interesting how the track basically lacks any melodic content, even a bassline, yet you move the track extremely well and fill it out through the drumming. Very well done.

Your on a great track for having only produced 2 songs! Keep it up!
Thanks a lot for listening!!! Thats great to have feedback! I understand your point of view about the track being a build up, but its more an experiment and a trip than a dancefloor one :) And its my 2nd track, so its a lot like a training for now!

I use also ableton and massive, If you feel like doing a collab of any kind, let me know!
not every tune needs to be for the dancefloor!
def got the eerie nature down
the amens are sounding nice, nit too overdone but still enough edits to make it interesting
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