dark amen dnb track

mr disrupta

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Nov 20, 2011
only uploaded one track to soundcloud so far, but check out this dark side amen track. all feedback very welcome!

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From what I hear, I think it should be louder. So it has mixdown/compression/eq problems the bass is way too silent
Holy shit man, nice track. Listening on garbage speakers right now so I can't give too much feedback yet. That female vocal is excellent, and I really dig that "whistling" lead sound. The main snare seems to hit nice and heavy.

Also, in the future you may want to post your tracks for review/feedback here.
yeh man this is nice
didnt really notice the snare til i read that...
hmmm, actually it is only too loud when the amens aren't hitting???

yeh that whistle is cool aha nice one
This is absolutley massive dude! Big Ups!

I would love to be able to make a tune like this, how on earth do you get those sick bass sounds?

Vocal goes perfect :)

On these headphones the mix sounds pretty reasonable to me, apart from those snares are a touch too high. Sick track though! How long you been producing?

this is a boosted version have a listen, do you lot still think the snares are too loud as im mixin down off headphones at moment.
lovin the feedback on this guys much apreciated. goin back to basics back to my roots with this one rollin amens. cant beat that vibe in my eyes i love it.
i been makin tunes since 2006 on an off but right now im feelin it an got bare ideas an that so ill be finishin more off soon.
Oh man, listening again, I actually love this tune so much!

Keep it up man, looking foward to hearing some more stuff from you :)
im mixing down on headphones currently, its really hard to tell mate. not ideal at all but gotta make do with what i got.
my influence's are dread recordings, serum, bladerunner etc on this one. love that style.
I think it has a very clear open sound, can't judge the overall level very well. Drop a LPF'd 909 snare with very short decay under every big snare hit if you want more punch from the snare.

Softclip it if need be. :spliff:

1:30 - 2:30 is great, could use some more fills.

Aw...3:24 is soooooo perfect.

Your wobbles and glisses are very tasteful.

Hmmmm little vocal cuts with filtered delay lines in the breakdown? Just food for thought.
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