[Dark Ambient/Industrial] Trônes de l'Obscurité - In Death's Embrace

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Hello friends!

My intention with this post is to introduce for you all my dark ambient/industrial project called "Trônes de l'Obscurité" and my first release ever "In Death's Embrace".

It is an album with 5 songs (only 5? yes, but some of them are pretty long ;)). It revolves around the theme of death, but in the biological way not the metaphorical.

It'll be released in 10/29/2014 through my bandcamp, for free! Once the album is up, I'll post the direct link here.

In the meantime, you can stream the whole album on my soundcloud:

Feel free to post your thoughts on both here and on soundcloud, and if you like the album, click the "like" button and/or repost!

Thank you all for your time!