DANWELL competition mix

Here is a mix i did using two Technics 1210 MK5's and a load of vinyl! Happy listening!
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Ultra Music Festival & Aerial7 Dj CompetitionDrum And Bass009
Rock It
By Sub Focus
1 Bruja
By Current Value
2 Minimal Funk
By Icicle
3 Feel For You
By Bladerunner
4 Epic
By Mikal
5 Strange Science
By Phace
6 Mind Over Matter
By Optiv & Btk
7 Space & Time
By Delta Heavy
8 Infinity
By Cyantific
9 Imperfections
By Basher & Deep & Shafie
10 True Romance
By D.Bridge & Vegas
11 Btkrsh
By Rockwell
12 Halogen
By Spor
13 Disco Dodo
By Lynx Ft Ciah
14 Cemetry
By Foreign Concept & Bringa
15 Be Myself
By Krakota
I'm still getting over the insult you hurled at me last week Danwell. However I'm not one to bear grudges so I'll give it a listen mate. I expect thanks though.
Meh..... HOOOSSIIIVEE mix! Like what u did with rock it on the intro, actually made rock it sound good... very impressive indeed!
Cheers man! I think rock it puts some people off but it's for an American comp so whacked it in there
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