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Beat The Machine
May 15, 2009
Hey all, I made this track a while back with my beat machines and wanted to know if I'm headed in the right direction with my tracks...

I know the mix is a little wack over all, I've lost the original session file that I had for it. It's an mp3 that I've never released and hence wasn't mastered. I'm getting ready to put together alot more of these and I would love to hear what you think.

What's missing? What could be added to give it a better over all feel etc... I'm not particularly worried about the mixing since I know it's pretty much fuct for the moment!


Blaze It Down !
VIP Junglist
May 8, 2007
Belgium , Genk
sounds really good ! lots of variation in it .. the only thing i can say is that i would have used another snare .. keep up the good work !
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