Danny C - 'The Mexican' (Portica)


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Mar 21, 2002
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'The Mexican/Days I Live' - Danny C (Portica 005)

Danny C continues his excellent Portica output with a summery little roller, which you'll no doubt have heard a million times unless youve been locked up in a small, dark gimp box for the last 6 months. To be honest I never used to think that much on Danny C, writing him off as a 2nd hand Ray Keith amen master; but ever since hearing the consistently exellent series of releases on Portica and various other labels, Mr C has forced me to eat my words!!!
A live sounding beat gets 'The Mexican' underway, and before long, an uplifting house-y synth fades in, making for a great, melodic build in - perfect for mixing! Think the feel-good factor of 'You Got Me Burning' and you'll know what I mean! Anyway, Danny takes on the summer acoustic sound with class, rolling out a Spanish guitar chord, littered with male vocal snippets of 'La Casa'. An interesting backing b-line glides along with the tune, but as with Barcelona and LK, its all about the geetar! After the main drop, the tune stays pretty much the same right the way through, except for the odd breakdown scattered about, but as with most tunes of such calibre, it just doesnt get boring.
On the flip, we're treated to 'Days I Live', another liquid little stomper! An almost Carribean/Calipso style intro rolls on with the 'Cant you stop me?' vocal staying evident throughout. Soon in comes the heavy build up, and a bassline hits you that is vaguely reminiscent of Brockie/Ed Solo. Anyway,a funky little tune no less, and one you should be hearing a lot more of. Big up Danny C! :slayer:
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