dancehall/reggae acapella's

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    if anyone needs them...
    get it while it's hot:D

    Part 1 Tracklist:

    1.Spragga Benz - How You Look Sexy So
    2.Sizzla - Exclusive Dancehall Accapella - Pump Up
    4.Buju banton & Red Rat Acapella
    5.Buccaneer - chatty chatty mouth
    6.bounty killer - life dissapear
    7.bongo chilli - everyday
    8.Beenie Man - Memories
    9.beenie man - badman nah inna dat
    10.Baby Cham - Man A Man
    11.Baby Cham - Babylon Bwoy
    12.Acappella - Reggae - Mr Vegas - Under Mi Sensi

    Part 2 Tracklist

    1.Bounty killer - you just get shot
    2.Bounty Killer - Chrome Baretta
    3.Beenie Man - Dude
    4.Arp - tinted car
    5.wayne wonder - no letting go
    6.Vybz Kartel - Tek Gunshot
    7.Vybz Kartel - Tek Buddy Gya
    8.Vybz Kartel - Picture Me An You
    9.tok - fire fire
    11.sean paul- eva blazin
    12.elephant man - stop
    13.elephant man - over the wal
    14.elephant man - mad
    15.elephant man krazy hype
    16.elephant man - nah stop smoke
    17.Elephant Man - Yes Yes Yes
    18.elephant man - wine up yuhself
    19.Elephant man - Head Gawn
    20.elephant man - cok up yuh bumpa
    21.Elephant Man - Die By Gun
    22.Capleton - Partytime
    23.Capleton - inna heart
    24.Buju Banton - Boom Bye Bye
    25.Bounty killer - stand firm
    27.Bounty Killer-Cant Believe My Eyes
    26.Assassin - hyping up

    Part 3 Tracklist

    1.Wayne Wonder - Blazing
    2.Sizzla - Cyaan too much
    3.Richie Spice - Marijuana
    4.Richie Spice - Earth A Run Red
    5.Movado - Real McCoy
    6.Ding Dong - Bad Man Forward pella
    7.Baby Cham - Ghetto Story
    8.Mad Cobra - chat so much
    9.Kmc & Beenie Man - Soul on fire
    10.Jah Cure - No jumpan can test we
    11.Jah Cure - Longing for
    12.Fanton Mojah - Hungry
    13.Fanton Mojah - Hail di king
    14.Elephant Man - Too Badmind
    15.Chuck Fender - I swear
    16.Chezidek - Dont wait too long
    17.Capleton - Dash Fire
    18.Busy Signal - Di Gun
    19.Busy Signal - Brave & Bold
    20.Beenie Man - Heart Attack
    21.Bascom X - Lonely clean
    22.Assassin - Hotta Dan Her

    Part 4 Tracklist

    1.Mr Vegas- Pull Up
    2.Mad Cobra- Big It Up
    3.Lil Jon & Elephant Man- Get Low Remix
    4.Elephant Man- Pon di River
    5.Elephant Man- Elephant Message
    6.Danny English & Egg Nog- Party Time
    7.Capleton - Tour
    8.Bounty Killer- Murderer
    9.Bounty Killah- Fed Up
    10.Bounty Killa- Deadly Zone
    11.Beenie Man- Love Me Now
    12.Beenie Man- Memories
    13.Beenie Man- Brand
    14.Babycham- Babylon Bwoy
    15.Alozade & Hollow Point- Under Mi Sensi
    16.capleton - i love to see
    17.capleton - mi food

    have fun with them:wave:
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    Hi. I tried to download these and for some reason, won't find them. Do you still have them? My email is