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Dangerous New Age Recordings

Dangerous New Age Recordings brings you there 4th Ep, to date. This ones got it all, filled with tunes that are sure to set the club's off. Out on the 16th November 2009.

Reviews by Celerity

Aeph - Refraction: Opening the entourage with a key Aeph effect, and rolling right into a massive synth lead and the EP based sample leading you into a splash of bass stabs and heavy snares the intro builds and breaks down into a massive sequence of synth notes and samples before rolling off into one of most notorious styles Dangerous New Age is known for, a massive roller! Huge sub bass lines and incredibly punchy drums that Aeph is without a doubt notorious for!
DJ support worldwide from some of the gnarliest on the block. Full of unique and speratic edits and a very serious mix down this is not a tune for the neuro realm to miss out on. Aeph has done it again with "Refraction"

Bleek - Prophecies: A tune to launch the career of a very new and talented producer BLEEK right out of southern california. Launching you into the deeper side of intro's, with well placed notes, LFO's wisps and intense sweeps and pads before finally exploding into a huge neuro smash style drop. Full of intricate editing and the bassline automations are phenomenal with some of the cleanest and most intense reece tears for some time. Immaculate drum processing and a well rounded dynamic mixdown quite up to par with today’s standard smasher!

Redco - Epidemic: Easily one of the biggest up and coming artists out of Ukraine today, this song pushes into a series of lush pads and epic hat rises well before turning into a great mixer with full kicks and snares on the 32 bar mark. Breaking down with the wind of the Millennium Falcon preparing for take down this tune explodes into a full hip hop funk breakdown with metallic clangs and tribal vocations. Dropping in a similar funky pattern it pushes into the progressive side, with big tear add ins and catchy sampling. A true roller for those who are in favor of a neuro style roller thats just as well mixed as it is written!

Task Horizon & End Effect - Dysfunction: Easily one of the most progressive tunes on the EP as well as one of the most technical available on Dangerous New Age also launching the career of End Effect breakdown, huge reverbed mid hits slice over those classic Task Horizon style licks and kicks. The tune drops in a progressive manner big subs over that end effect reverb bass line before coming to a stop and then launching into an onslaught of lfo tears and big sub punches with a very well programmed rise and drum build! With massive DJ support from all sides of the globe and amazing mix ability this tune is a number one smasher for any technical and mix based DJ's bag!

OTM - Pysch: A tune obviously inspired by the eastern European Techno scene, dark as it is down tempo, and full of acid and bouncy based effects. A great smasher for any hi energy experience and great for countless amounts of mix's with its long and progressive intro. Dropping into a mess of distorted baselines and and shuddering metallic’s this tune pushes into another progressive pattering of added ranges and stabs. The song breaks down into a full hip hop step rhythm while holding a 170 bpm tempo, a true classic for all techy approaching artists who are looking for a killer tune to rinse on a particular intense moment of an event!

Rico & Scoop - At ones point in their career they realize they have surpassed the need to try, this is obviously never the case with Rico & Scoop as this is just another prime example of how these boys don’t give up. A huge rolling intro full of eerie pads and reverbed hats in a very scoop like fashion, the tune comes to a errie hault leaving the hair on the peak of your neck standing tall and your hands in the sky! This tune slams into gear like a rock band on crystal meth all before exploding into a fury of heavy sub and sidechained kicks! The bassline and Reece manipulation in this song is absolutely ridiculous as Rico demonstrates how in control of synthesism he really is, with constant support from DJ's worldwide including J Magik, Prolix, and Mampi Swift you can be sure this tune as well as this EP is one of the biggest if not the baddest EP's of 2009!