DnB Dan Guidance - One Possible Future EP (Offworld106) out now


Oct 23, 2009
Release date : November 14th 2022 at the Offworld bandcamp store and worldwide at all good outlets.

Available now:

Dan Guidance is back baby! Offworld Recordings presents the One Possible Future EP from Dan himself, an array of forward-thinking dnb smashers with a synthwave influence.
Title track One Possible Future opens with saturated synths galore and Dan's signature rhythms. Pianos and stabs accentuate this one until it builds into a juggernaut of futuristic drum and bass bliss.
Assignment Outer Space starts strong and never slows down. Melodic. Danceable. Amazing.
Hypnagogia is the transitory state between dreaming and wakefulness and this song encapsulates this perfectly. Warm pads and guitars bring us back to better days while the beats roll on and on.
Finally Wonders Of The World steps up and knocks us all down with its deep subs and snappy drums. Bursting at the seams with feelings, this EP is out of this world. Dan guidance lives up to his namesake and guides us all to a future we never knew we needed.

Mastered at Kos.Mos.Music.Lab

Art by Parhelia

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