Damn That's NASTY G! - Lifestream "Noisia Style Neuro"

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    Now out on Ammunition's 34th Digital Installment, wicked sounds from the Kiwi known as Naaaaasty Genius! 2 MASSIVE futuristic Neurofunk smashers, with epic intros, LARGE drops, and killer breakdowns... a recipe for wicked tingz!

    You can catch Nasty Genius' tunes, in the mix, in our series of Podcasts! His incoming tune, titled "I'm Burning" opened up Ammo Podcast 006 (w/ Guests Neonlight), and his currently released tune, titled "Nerdy Gerner", was featured in Ammo Podcast 005 (w/ Guests Noxius / Black Seeds Recs).

    [​IMG]DOA: Ammo Podcast 006 (Guests: Neonlight)[​IMG]
    [​IMG]DOA: Ammo Podcast 005 (Guest: Noxius / Black Seeds)[​IMG]

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