Damn that's Naaaasty G! - Rock Hard Facial!


Click HERE TO Stream: Nasty G's "Rock Hard Facial" EP!

Brutal brutal brutal! Highly anticipated beats here from the Nasty G , Aka: "Nasty Genius", coming to pummel your speakers and dancefloors with his signature sound!

Presenting our 20th Digital Installment called "Rock Hard Facial" EP June 1st, we let loose these 4 quality ch00ns from the Nasty!

Nasty G reigns from New Zealand, which is noted for it's great sound by artists from KinetiX, Dose, Sick Cycle, to The Upbeats! Nasty G has releases on the likes of Dark Asylum, Adversion, Mindsaw, and incoming Ammunition on June 1st!

As per normal, clips to satisfy your ears better than words:

Click HERE TO Stream: Nasty G's "Rock Hard Facial" EP!

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