Dakk vs Slice - Just the Beginning EP ( Out Now )


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https://soundcloud.com/audiorejectz%2Fdakk-vs-slice-until-the-end https://soundcloud.com/audiorejectz%2Fdakk-vs-slice-square-one https://soundcloud.com/audiorejectz%2Fdakk-vs-slice-open-your-ears
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Beatport Exclusive until Jan 28th 2012

AUDIOREJ11352 - Dakk vs Slice - Just the Beginning EP

Track 1: Square One
Track 2: Until the End
Track 3: Open Your Ears


Fresh from there Beatport Dubstep top 100 smash ( Until the End ) Dakk vs Slice have returned with there EP. Bringing a twist to the dubstep sound, these lads are stamping there own sound on the scene.
Currently playing gigs with Adventure Club in Canada and support from some major Dj's this is bound to be another smash
This EP will be exclusive to beatport from now until January the 28th