Daily / Weekly King of the forum idea!

Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by D BREAKNECK, Nov 29, 2007.


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    What about...

    Have some kinda button on threads to click (only once mind!) to vote for ppl as daily or weekly kings of the forum (bit like rep points but more of a 'thing')...

    Then each wk the daily winner (most votes in one day), and each week (most votes over a wk) is announced, and maybe gets some kinda silly display icon.

    Ppl can click to vote for whoever they want, why-ever...

    So that ppl who are most active or posting speshly hot stuff get some recognition, even if they only get chance to post loads on one day, and maybe get ppl to post some most good stuff & generally be active!

    :rik:knows it's a winner!

    Oh yeah!

    Can we have a Gordon Brown icon! or 2, one where's he's grinning, one looking sulky!