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    Nov 12, 2008
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    EZ peeps,

    jus back from London and bought some massive crates out there.
    Be sure you lock tonite to for da heavy basslines. Im on @ 10 pm.


    Chat: <---- Java
    irc:// <---- IRC

    Sounds like:

    01.Uncle Sam - Round The World Girls (VIP Remix) [Argon]
    02.WAR 006 (B)
    03.12th Planet FT Emu - Control (Skreamix) [Basshead]
    04.Dubbystyle Vol.2 - Zion Road [Z Audio]
    05.DUBCRAZY 01
    06.Ghetto Knowledge - Rotten [GK001]
    07.Cotti - Calm Down [Bassface]
    08.Stenchman - Sign VIP (B) [Heavyload]
    09.RSD - Over It [Tektonik]
    10.Your Love [Z Audio]

    C ya in chat!!!