D-Struct-`Storm/Throwback` [Sublvl Audio]

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    Seattle based D-Struct serves up one solid release with the lead track "Storm"
    that incidentally has taken many forms before it has reached your ears. Full
    of emotion and aggression as well as tight programming and atmospherics makes
    this a great tune to open or close your set your set with. The flipside
    "Throwback" (Feat. David) enters with a Hip-Hop infused vibe and then promptly
    switches to an absolute bass-bin workout. The release is not to be missed, Bag
    it today!

    LABEL: Sublvl Audio
    ARTIST: D-Struct
    TITLE: Storm/Throwback
    GENRE: Drum and Bass
    CAT: SBLVL005
    RELEASE DATE: 2014-08-19
    TRACKS: 2
    D-Struct - Storm (Original Mix)
    D-Struct - Throwback (Feat. David) (Original Mix)

    from Direct (from label)