D.O.T Studio Battles - May 4 2018 Mix * *FREE DOWNLOAD**

Derelicts Of Tomorrow

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Another local DJ and I have began battling each other for fun recently and here is my recent mix for the battle. Long rinse outs (for you young guys it means mixing two records the fuck out together over an extended period of time, my dj style came from listening to Dieselboy, Dara and DB and AK1200 so if you know what they're on about then you get me, plus double drops galore and extra special cuts mixed by yours truly, live, un-rehearsed and un-edited D.O.T in the buff.... enjoy!

D.O.T Studio Mix May 2018 **FREE DOWNLOAD**

p.s. if there is any confusion due to the the thread title yes the entire mix is by me it is not a tagteam battle it's an entire mix battle...

p.s.s. watch this space for the Konflict - Messiah vs. High Contrast - Chen the Drums Come In rinse out mid mix... big tings gwan!!!