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D N B 2 K 16 - Mix by Straner


New Member

First time posting here as I find myself more and more delving into the world of Drum and Bass. Coming from EDM backround, I've always been heavy into the drumstep/trap/dubstep scene, though lately have found the energy of DnB, with the heavy vibes and influence of the other genres.

What I have here is just something I've thrown together over the last few days of tracks that I have been playing on repeat and loving the sound. Listen and Enjoy!

DC Breaks - Swag
Mind Vortex - Against The Grain
Delta Heavy - Tremors
June Miller - Slow Down
Misanthrop - Fragment
Delta Heavy - Apathy
Emalkay - Flesh & Bone (Delta Heavy Remix)
Zomboy - Here To Stay Ft. Lady Chann (Delta Heavy Remix)