D Kay & Epsilon - Barclona (BC Authorised)


Digital Future
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Mar 21, 2002
Bored at Work
As a little teaser to the full ep, which is *meant to be* out in June, the BC crew decide to release this limited one-sided copy of the original. Finally.
Rollin bongo-y breaks start things off, creating a summer vibe with clapping and vocal effects enhancing the effect, when soon enough THAT guitar riff comes out of nowhere. Smooth chords and a clapping keeping the rhythm flowing, until soon the smooth beats drops and in comes D Kays familiar bouncy bass! A beautiful warm sound is what carries the tune, with the acoustic guitar strumming happily in the background. This is probably my favourite tune from last year, and its great were finally gonna be able to cain it at the summer parties. Just a shame it wasnt last summer eh, but never mind!
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