D.E.D b2b R1C0 - Fat Badger Podcast 2nd Birthday! [FB#30]


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EZ guys!

The Fat Badger Podcast is now 2 years old!! To celebrate R1C0 & I have put together a 2 hour b2b highlight reel of some of our favorite moments from our sessions over the last year.


If you've been following us then you might remember some of these mixes and if you've not heard of us before, this session will give you a good overview of what we're about.

Thank you to everyone that listens and supports us - I can't believe we've done 30 episodes now :)

For a little extra fun here is the track list including who was at the controls and links to the sessions the mixes came from too!


DJ - R1C0
Session - https://soundcloud.com/fatbadgerpodcast/ded-mreg-130416
1.Roxy Music VIP - Zero T
2.Gone (6am Mix)- Kove
3.The Hurting (Lenzman Remix)- LSB
4.Remedy - LSB
5.Tell Me - Tokyo Prose

DJ - D.E.D
Session - https://soundcloud.com/fatbadgerpodcast/ded-mreg-web-radio-110516
6.These Things VIP - Jubei, DBridge

7.From the Jaws - SpectraSoul
8.Leave It All Behind (Villem & Mcleod Remix - Surplus, AudioSketch
9.Pharaoh - The Upbeats, Ivy Lab
10.Recall - PRTCL
11.Hornsey Dub - Battery

DJ - R1C0
Session - https://soundcloud.com/fatbadgerpodcast/ded-mreg-130416
12.Sovereign - Chroma
13.Dark Alley - DBR UK
14.Frozen - S.P.Y ft Diane C
15.Realize - Jazzatron, Lameduza
16.Slow Down (VIP)- Break & Die

DJ - D.E.D
Session - https://soundcloud.com/fatbadgerpodcast/ded-april-2016-fat-badger-28
17.Pulp Fiction - Alex Reece
18.Looking For Diversion - Technimatic, Lucy Kitchen

Session - https://soundcloud.com/fatbadgerpodcast/ded-mreg-web-radio-show-march-2016
19.Arkestra - Alix Perez & Ivy Lab
20.Focus - Ivy Lab
Session -

21.Surface - S.P.Y, Kasra
22.It's Not Me It's You (Alix Perez Remix) - Submotion Orchestra
23.Loop of Love - LSB

DJ - R1C0
Session - https://soundcloud.com/fatbadgerpodcast/ded-mreg-web-radio-show-march-2016
24.Just One Look - Enei, ft. Charli Brix
25.Memento (dBridge Remix)- SpectraSoul
26.Twenty Questions - Ivy Lab

Session - https://soundcloud.com/fatbadgerpodcast/funk-soul-bass-ii-fatbadger14
27.Back in Time - Philth, Collette Warren
28.Empyreal - DLR, Hydro
Session -

29.One For Me - Zero T
30.Recall & Reflect - Alix Perez

DJ - D.E.D
Session - https://soundcloud.com/fatbadgerpodcast/ded-mreg-web-radio-110516
31.Meant to Be (Insideinfo Remix) - Hybrid Minds ft. Grimm
32.Everything Must Change - Zero T

Session - https://soundcloud.com/fatbadgerpodcast/ded-feb-2016-deep-liquid-dnb-fat-badger-23
33.Everlasting - R1C0
34.Bass Bottom Line - Derrick & Tonika
35.Levitate - Altitude
36.Ketones Under Control - Hemoglobin

DJ - R1C0
Session - https://soundcloud.com/fatbadgerpodcast/storm-chaser-dark-half-time-dnb-mix-fat-badger-15
37.Clap Track - Lynx
38.Snakes & Ladders - Calyx & TeeBee

Session - https://soundcloud.com/fatbadgerpodcast/r1c0-nye-2015-best-of-2015-dnb-fat-badger-20
39.Incessant - Noisia
40.Rave Weapon - Mob Tactics