D.E.D - Autumn Myst [Fat Badger #19]


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With the year in decay and the cold thoroughly setting in I wanted to create something uplifting. I’ve been imagining a fantasy setting for a long time. I was inspired by the likes of Lord of the Rings, and a video game called Skyrim but have really been waiting for the right tracks. With the help of Actraiser’s latest album and a few others new ones I was able to get started.

This coincided with an important moment for us at Fat Badger.
R1C0’s debut EP – On the Horizon released on Subculture’s label earlier this month, which is perfect for this mix. You can grab a copy of it here:

I wanted to use a few less tracks than normal and let them play as this a rolling mix with long blends. I like creating mixes that stay true to the original tracks structure anyway. As usual there is an element of storytelling to this mix as it is a sort of mystical adventure, there are a number of great moments and I hope enjoy them.



Autumn Mist – Actraiser ft. Oscar Michael [Fokuz Recordings]​

Painted Skies – Seba & Kirsty Hawkshaw [Secret Operations]

Taking Flight – Actraiser [Fokuz Recordings]

Yellow Road – Nelver [Celsius Recordings]

Dragon Song – Parhelia [Abyss Records]

First Light – Packer & Rhodes [Interphase Digital]

Perth Sunset – S.P.Y [Hospital Records]

On the Horizon – R1C0 [Subculture Music]

We Rise We Fall – Utah Jazz [Spearhead Records]

Mountain Streams – Muffler [Spearhead Records]

Lokahi - Thesis [Soul Deep Recordings]

Winter Dream – R1C0 [Subculture Music]

Caya’s Song – Actraiser [Fokuz Recordings]

Letting Go – Inertia [Scientific]

Rijani – Phil Tangent [Integral Records]

Everlasting – R1C0 [Subculture Music]

The Joy (Face to Face) – Seba & Kirsty Hawkshaw [Secret Operations]

Abyss – Northern Zone [Limitless]

Days Like These – Monrroe [Soul Deep Digital]

Songbird – Tokyo Prose [Hospital Records]

The Western Tune – PFM [Good Looking Records]

Music – LTJ Bukem (Technicolour Rework) [Good Looking Records]

Trenchtown – Monument Banks [Soul Deep Digital]

PS some of you may find a few links to the late 90’s rave scene in this mix…:)
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Finished this one. The beat matching was dead on through the whole thing. You did a great job with trak selection and keeping the theme through out the mix. I'm a big fan of songbird so was nice to hear that one as well. It was nice to hear somebody let the traks breathe and I enjoyed that. Eq was damn near perfect and the traks didn't come in abruptly or go out the same. Tough to tell where you were mixing and where you weren't at some points....props on that as I try to do that. This mix was like a trance movie with a dnb soundtrack if that makes any sense ha ha I give it two boh's! Also gave it a repost and a link on sc. Hope it gets u some more plays mang.


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Wow thanks for the detailed feedback!
I'm glad you enjoyed the pacing. I wanted to the mix to flow, but still having exciting sections.
Also you found the link to the early days! Some of the most amazing raves I ever went to were so uplifting and I wanted to capture some of that in this mix. The trancy nature of some of these tracks and the samples used really helped with that. Big up's for the share as well, it is most appreciated!


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I haven't logged in here for over a year, but having listened to this mix, i had to try and remember my login details and comment.

This is unlike the huge majority of mixes you hear nowadays, as its purely about the music and letting it breathe, rather than trying to show off your mixing dexterity. Lovely melodic tunes and beautifully put together.
Look forward to hearing forthcoming mixes from you.


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Thank you very much for that great feedback.

I listen to lot of mixes on this forum as well (and everywhere else I can). I agree there seems to be a common trend of cramming as many tracks as possible into a session as you say to demonstrate a DJ’s level of skill, but it only demonstrates one skill and in my opinion it’s not the most important one. Often DJ’s are bringing a new track into a section that doesn’t need anything more added, just because they want to show how fast they can beatmatch. The result is often worse for the audience.

For me playing to the audience is the most important skill of a DJ’s repertoire, followed by track selection and pacing. I’ve seen DJ’s 4 deck mixing vinyl clear the floor and someone else own it with just an ipod. I am so glad you (and @beknoxx) picked up on this as it was my intention when I made the mix.

Stay tuned, there is a new Fat Badger mix every month.

PS: Just to be clear to anyone else reading; I do think technical skills very are important and spend as much time as I can improving mine. I also really enjoy fast paced mixing, when it’s done well.