d&B records anyone???


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Hello all, I have joined this forum for one main reason. I used to be a bedroom D.J. & have over 200 records (just an estimate). These range from old school, jungle & d&b upto about 2004 & have many well known floorfillers / classics & some quite rare vinyl. Gone are the days when i'd work all week to get some cash so me & my mates could do fri/sat night around the midlands clubs (kinetic,pandemonium,quest,amazon).
I am now married with children, no longer have any decks & my records are now boxed collecting dust in the garage. After keeping them for all this time i have now come to terms with the fact that i need to get rid of them. I'm not one for Ebay & don't know where to start in order to offload them. Ideally it would be nice to get a bit of cash for them as i know how much ive spent on them over the years but primarily i would like for them to go to a good home (i know there not pets!), where someone will use them, rather than me having to chuck them in the bin. Sorry about the extra long post but am hoping at least one of you ravers / junglists will see this as a great oppurtunity to get to pick up all my old vinyl. If interested or any questions please email me at tjaywilson@aol.com.