D&B promos & releases out now 14th Sept. – with audio!

FILM017 Big Bud – Children of Jah (DJ Motive remix) / Mihi (Henree remix) [Sound-Trax] A B
SUPER8002 3’s Company / Furney – Company Flow / Babylonia [Super8Sound] A B
P51UKLP001 Gridlok – Break The System [Project 51] Hollywood (feat. El Hornet)
a. Bottomfeeder listen
b. Watching Us (feat. MC Dino) listen
c. Fingerprints listen
d. Wake Up listen
e. The Fillmore listen
HEDGE020 Tactile – Season Dub (Original Mix) / (Tactile remix) [Hard Edged] A B
BINGO053 Matt Domino – Duet / Sepia [Bingo] A B
B2B12010 Ascend & Ultravibe – What Kind Of World / The Promise [Back 2 Basics] A B
RR71 Deep Inc. Eazy Control / Grand Piano [Renegade Recordings] A B
BRK07 Macc – Way of Small Thought / A8V [Breakin] A B
SDR12022 Boneshaker – Ruthless / Our World [Sudden Def] A B
CIA033 Total Science & MC Conrad – Soul Patrol (Original Mix) / (MJ Cole Dub Mix) [C.I.A.] A B
CIA033R Total Science & MC Conrad – Soul Patrol (Sunnyside Up mix feat. Bungle) / (MJ Cole House Lick) [C.I.A.] A B
G2024 Cooh – Love In A Cage / Breath Stop [G2] A B
MVR003 PRS / Rah – Feeling Fine / Melodies & Harmonies [Molten Vinyl] A B
RS002 Division 1 – Pull Up / Stand by Him [Rocksteady] A B
UD012 Brockie & Ed Solo – System Check (G Dub remix) / Lost Bass (remix) [Undiluted] A B
VPR007 Futurebound, Entity & Jaquan – Lion of Judah / Riverplate [Viper] A B
VPR008 The Brookes Brothers – Someone / Promise [Viper] A B

BRIG006 D Kay & Sonic – Hard Liner / Future Creep [Brigand] A B
LUCKYDEVIL1 Alix Perez / Switch – Illusions / Still Waters [Lucky Devil] A B
SHA009 various – Shogun Assassins EP Vol. 2 [Shogun Audio]
a. Noisia – Brainstitch (Break remix) listen
b. D-Bridge – Kismet listen
c. DJ Friction & K-Tee – Lazydayz listen
d. Blu Mar Ten – Deep Inside listen
VSN003 Noisia – Bad Dreams / Omissions [Vision] A B
ATG019 Freestylers feat. Pendulum – Painkiller / Jump & Twist [Against The Grain] A B
ATG019R Freestylers feat. Pendulum – Painkiller (Noisia remix) / (Ed Solo & School of Thought remix) [Against The Grain] A B
VRS017 Noisia – End Game / Unveil (feat. Phace) [Virus] A B
SHADOW180 Hyper-on Experience / Higher Sense - Lord of the Null Lines (Photek remix) / Cold Fresh Air (Cyantific remix) [Moving Shadow] A B
LQD016 various – The Big Picture EP 2 [Liquid V]
a. Tommy Boy – Flip Flops listen
b. Utah Jazz – Runaway listen
c. Danny Byrd – French Quarter listen
d. Random Movement – Police State listen
BINGO051 various – Bingo Allstars V1 [Bingo]
a. D Kay – Galaxy listen
b. Raw Q – Funkdefied listen
c. Stakka – Griffin listen
d. Redeyes & Peyo – Delight listen
CHR033 Firefox [Roni Size] / Trinity [Dillinja] – Big Bad & Heavy LP Sampler: Full Contact / S Bag [Chronic] [Limited picture disc] A B
MEDIC1 SPY – Black Flag / Double Dragon [Med School] A B
BOYCEE002 Jaheim / Ashanti – Just In Case (Boycee remix) / Make Up (Boycee remix) [Boycee Beats] A B
BSELP003EP1 various – Endangered Species EP 1 [Black Sun Empire]
a. Black Sun Empire – Potemkin listen
b. Noisia & Black Sun Empire – Winter War listen
c. Black Sun Empire – Don’t You (State Of Mind remix) listen
d. Jade – Acid Flood listen
MJW001 Mighty Jah Warriors vs Capleton – Volume 1 [MJW] A B
OG002 Equilibrium – Cold Blooded (John Rolodex remix) / (Original Mix) [O.G.] A B
OLR001 Soundclash – Magic Rhodes / All Night Long [Outta London] A B
SS006 Current Value – The Unspoken / 6000 Thoughts [Soothsayer] A B