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    Basically i was reading a DBridge interview somebody posted and he said something a lot of people already know and see in the d&b community, that there are pretty much 2 sides of the scene right now; the commercial side and the 'headz' side is what i took from that there interview.

    and it got me thinking when fairly new music genres come about (d&b isnt even 20 years old really) its starts off tasteful, groundbreaking and innovative, like hip hop did... hip hop isnt that much older than dnb but look at it now its fucking shite. jayz is supposedly the best rapper alive, who the fuck is jay z hes a fucking puppet. hip hop is as shite as it is now because its popular and mainstream no other reason. people used to rap about things that mattered things that had meaning but now its about fast cars money and hoes.

    basically whatever money touches becomes shit and tasteless and when i see chase and status hate threads i fucking agree 100% they used to be on point. i dont want this thread to be 'that kind of thread', i know its good to an extent because it introduces people into the scene and they make their own way through and all that but too much of this commercialism do the scene any good.

    All i can see right now is drum and bass becoming too popular and becoming dogshite in the future and i fucking love good drum and bass and i do not want it becoming the new hip hop

    rant over :dynamite:
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    We all pine for dnb of old squire.

    95 jungle, 98 ram, moving shadow ect..

    Fact is that it won't happen. Why? Because it's old news (even though i hate to say it).
    That was THEN, this is NOW (capital letters ftw).
    I'll stick my hand up and say i like a lot of modern jump up.

    I mean, even jump up itself has changed a hell of a lot since it's emergance in the early 00's.

    The one gripe i have with jump up now is that it's very difficult for me to differentiate between artists these days (might just be me).
    But before, every artist had 'their' sound. Dilly, Ed rush & optical, hazard, Andy C, BC ect...........................................................

    Now, a lot of the 'mainstream' stuff use the same synths, same drum hits and all that jazz, just in a different pattern (i know not EXACTLY the same).
    But you get my point.

    What is good though is that you have seen jump up artists branching out into something new for them. Jaydan's a perfect example. Good jump producer and good jungle-ish-step producer.

    the same boys are still around, Ed & Op have kept it real since the begining IMHO. As has Dillinja (touchy subject i know, but still. You CAN tell what tunes are his....even if some of them are a bit pants).

    Dom has kept so real that he's not getting the love he deserves imo. His last album was HUGE, F U C K I N G HUUUUUUUUUUGE. And it got no comercial play as such. You didn't hear the big boys drop nething. All i recolect him having is some airplay on Bailey (the don, obvs..) and a half hour dnbtv set.

    But i degress. You are correct when you say money turns everything into shit. But if i was given the opportunity, trust me, i'd be cheesier than Moskit's phallic instrument.

    £££££'s make the world, pay the bills and get you the women (not machete, as many have suggested).

    I've said it a thousand times, even though i was 7 when alien girl was released, it is, without a shadow of a doubt one of my favourite tunes ever, in all genres. and the time it encapsulates music wise is what i love. But as i said, it won't come back. I just have to enjoy it for when and what it was.

    Now then.

    There are fantastic artists breaking through these days with their own style and perspective on the genre.

    I cba to name bare names, but just look at 36 hertz line up. All them boys are top notch and bring something new to the game.
    If you want a new, fresh sound, they are my no.1 pick (call me a brown noser all you like, it's my opinion and i'll stick with it).

    And as mentioned before, Jaydan's going jungley every now and then and it's bloody marvelous.

    The problem you have these days is that to find the gems. You have dig a lot harder than just hearing them on an Andy C set, coz they won't be there lol.

    The internet has polluted the good stuff with a thousand rip offs from jump up artists, containing little or no thought for themselves.

    Maybe i'm a little one sided, because even though i do like a lot of jump up/wobble/what have you. Nothing beats an Andy C set from 98/99. That is a fact. A fucking fact.

    Waffle over, might be more tomorrow/today. Who knows.


    If any producers have taken offence to my comments please don't.
    If i have told you i liked what i've heard from you, it is the truth. I don't bullshit.
    It is FAR too early to mince my words any more than that.

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    Dnbkingz pretty much hit the nail on the head.

    I think with every scene that evolves commercially, there will always be a decent host of underground artists putting new and innovative stuff out there, it's just a case of ignoring the commercial crap and focusing on the good shit.
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    To be honest I don't believe in what you're saying. There's still a lot of amazing hip hop talking about real shit, you just gotta dig deeper. Maybe d&b will become super commercial an all this, but there'll still be amazing artists behind it all making good music for the sake of good music, so it doesn't really bother me. Let the mainstream heads do their thing.