[size=+1]Domestic Disturbance[/size] in collaboration with [size=+1]Nice People[/size] present to you a truly unique event...


A fusion of underground HIP-HOP and Drum and Bass culture. This event is themed around the tragedies that happened on 9/11, and the ways it has affected society today. All people were impacted by September 11, 2001. With the upcoming election just around the corner, it is important to reflect on the different issues within America. We ask that you RISE ABOVE the dark cloud that surrounds 9/11, and come together for a celebration of culture, music, and art. There will be a lot to experience; live performances, spoken word, live graffiti, local artists & DJs.

[size=+2]FLYER FRONT[/size]
[size=+2]FLYER BACK [/size]

[size=+2]Performing Live:[/size]

Big Dada | Afterlife Records | curbserver.com | Los Angeles, CA
Out of the legendary Project Blowed crew, Busdriver has carved a niche in underground hiphop with unique performance and freestyle skills that combine elements of vocal jazz, theatrics, spoken word, and machine precision with witty and incisive free association lyrics. A frequent collaborator with many of Los Angeles' hiphop elite, Busdriver has worked with Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Mikah-9, 2Mex, Awol One, Fat Jack, and Daedalus and Radioinactive as The Weather. Junglist will recognize his vocals from the KEATON and HIVE track "Death Threat," out on Violence Recordings. He also has releases out on Celestial, Massmen, as well as Afterlife Records and Big Dada. For his latest release “Cosmic Cleavage” Busdriver hooked up with super-producer Daddy Kev (formely main man at Celestial Recordings and general production giant) and D-Styles (Invizbl Skratch Piklz and Beat Junkies). Welcome to the world of Busdriver, prepare yourself for one of the most original voices in hip hop today!

[size=+1]Live Nude Crew "Reunion Exhibition"[/size]
PhOOKa b2b Squirt b2b BK
4X Table Set (D&B / old school / hip-hop)
Get ready!!! We Got PhOOka, Squirt, and BK battlin it out on 4 decks. These DJs possess a phenomenal amount of talent behind the wheels of steel. PhOOka is king of the old school, and nobody can match HIP-HOP and DNB like Squirt can, and BK has been known to scratch all night. And when the hell was the last time you saw BK perform live, much less with his ex-partners in crime.

Freestyle Distribution Alien Projekt
Psychadelic funk from outer space. MCs Ghost and Webb Star head up this funkadelic hip-hop band that will take you on an interstellar trip. Ghost will be promoting his new clothing line Ghost Ink. Check it out @ GhostInk.net

A hip-hop-trio consisting of Info Red, Riq the Brig, and Mes The Jive Turkey. These guys are no strangers to the hip-hop community here in Dallas. They provide just what you need to get your hip-hop fix!

(Ground Opening Records)

[size=+1]Spoken Word:[/size]
Sean Sparks and Mustafa give you a piece of their mind. Two truly unique individuals will share their thoughts on 9/11, and how it has affected society today.

[size=+1]Hosted By[/size]
[size=+1]Dappa Emcee[/size]
(Groovology Crew, Raid-5 bitch!)
(Dirty Alien Project, Battletech, Domestic Disturbance)

[size=+2]Performing Outside:[/size]

4X Table Battle
DJs Kotecki, Travis Elliott, Funktion, and Thrash, longside Astro, will battle it out on four decks for 3 hours. Witness a true Domestic Disturbance in progress, with the entire crew united on the decks for the first time. YOU ARE NOT READY!!!

(former 32 Degrees)
DJ Subtle comes out of the shadows to educate all the heads with some old school Drum & Bass under the stars.

[size=+1]Also Featuring:[/size]
Live Grafiti
Live Art and Muralist
Artist Demos and Clothing Vendors

5627 Dyer St.
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 265-1338

Admission Day of Show
$12.00 before 11pm
$15.00 after