D.A.R002 DTA - Pro hate / Invasion out now!!


Jul 23, 2006
After its succesful launch back in February with
Delphonik/HardsPlainDrifter - Contain erase/Counterproductive!

Dark Audio Recordings has returned with its second offering of dancefloor darkness!


D.T.A -Pro hate.

D.T.A hits you were it hurts with his computer glitched intro and atmospherics and one of those vocals thats gonna get in yah brain!,
then the dirtiest bass hits you square in the face and the hardest steppiest drums this side of hell take you on a full on technoid workout,with its intricate rolls and bass switches total dance floor carnage is gauranteed.

D.T.A -Invasion.

sci-fi soundscapes and glitchin stabs and switches take over your brain as D.T.A steps up with invasion,vocal snippets only give you a hint of whats to come,BAM the drop hits you in the face with the hardest industrialised amen break and a bass riff that takes your soul on a relentless journey,any dancefloor that has the pleasure of this tune is gonna get smacked!.

Also avilable to buy Delphonik/Hardsplaindrifter - Contain erase/counterproductive
For audio clips check out www.Myspace.com/Darkaudiorecordings

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Dj Support comes from...........
Scoop/Rico (Dangerous new age recordings/Mindsaw)
Scott Sparx (Twistedsessions, Therapysessions, nrftw)
Sicknote (Violent tendencies, Darkwax)
Beast (Violent tendencies, Darkwax)
Xzist (Violent tendencies, Darkwax)
Philbee (Twistednoize, Fusion, Techno dnb)
Nakwan ( Twistedsessions fr, Subversif)
Co.jak (Obsession fm)
Void (Twistednoize,intobeats,Trauma)
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