Label Cyntax Error Records unveil their secret weapon......THE REAPERZ

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    Cyntax Error Records have kept the Reaperz behind a locked studio door for some time now, plans to unveil them earlier were delayed by the mortal enemy of all producers “THE PHANTOM HARD DRIVE CRASH”, this meant that Cyntax Error CEO’s Rekless & Dazzler had to barricade the reaperz in the studio only cracking open the door to throw them a new hard drive then quickly shutting it. Faced with dehydration, starvation and sensory deprivation the reaperz (Dj Taz, Ricachet & N20) set to work on an escape plan “there’s only one way out of here” they thought .....”we gotta make some kinda sick bass driven music so Rekless & dazzler will let us out”.
    They set to work on their debut download only release Total Recall / Captain Kirk, Rekless & Dazzler would occasionally drop by the studio just to make sure the trio from the isle of Wight were still alive and more importantly making beats, much to their satisfaction the reaperz were eager to get out of their dnb incarceration and offered not only their debut download only release which is out from all good drum and bass outlets on 11.01.2010, but they also had made future releases which fans of the label can expect to see in the coming months, one track in particular that stands out, and was designed to make Rekless & Dazzler leave the key to the studio so the reaperz can come and go as they please is a remix of a previously unreleased track from Cyntax Error’s Sounds Destructive who released the 1st track ever released on the label ‘The Lawnmower Tune’ with ‘Vitamin Funk’ on the flip.
    The track is entitled Time of life and the reaperz have gone beyond all expectations with this remix dnb heads can expect a release date in late spring. And just to make sure that the Cyntax Error head honchos never lock them in the studio again The Reaperz have also offered another massive track called ‘High Grade’ which has been penned in to coincide with their Time of life Remix. The Reaperz have also done an exclusive mix of all of their tracks that will be available for download at the same time as their debut release Total Recall / Captain Kirk on 11.01.2010 (Have I mentioned that already, lol)
    So plenty to come from The Reaperz even if it’s just so they can spend some time out of the studio.
    Cyntax Error fans have got a real treat in store for 2010 with tracks from : The Reaperz, Raw Theory, Sensa, Kulprit, Manga, Drastik Measures & Revolution, Dub Zero, Mattix & Futile not forgetting our Canadian connection Mischief & Mayhem to name a few.