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    Whether you’ve been in the drum and bass scene for a while or you are a new comer, The New breed crew will be a name that you associate with the likes of with some of the biggest names on the mc circuit, names like the award winning Eksman, Fatman D, and mc’s Foxy and Herbzie to name just a few, but what a lot of people do not know is The new breed crew isn’t just an mc collective they also have their in house DJ’s Rekless and Dazzler who may not be as well known as the rest of the collective but they have been making waves in the scene for quite some time now, Dj Rekless formerly part of da firm achieving releases on the mighty TOV (Gangsta 05, Deal wiv us) as well as Dope Ammo Records (Evil That men do, Better Believe) Rekless has also DJ’d all over the world reppin New Breed. Dj dazzler who is a well known well liked character usually to be found backstage at most dnb events he also has a weekly show on the mighty kool fm, also receiving props for dropping his mixing talents on the international stage in places such as America, Germany and Belgium to name but a few.
    The two DJ’s have now launched their own label which has received massive support from their piers, the label is called Cyntax Error and their 1st release The Lawnmower tune with Vitamin Funk on the flip written and produced by their protégés Sounds Destructive has not only managed to be tagged with the elusive title of anthem and received major airplay on 1xtra and radio one but has also been featured on DJ sappo’s mission impossible mix cd. For a 1st release this is pretty much unheard of in dnb circles, but Rekless and dazzler knew if they put their efforts into a record label it had to make a big impact from the start. Sounds destructive (Dj Picto and Gammazak a.k.a Dj Kulprit)are two producers from Northampton who are great producers individually but together they make some of the finest drum and bass to emerge from dnb in years. It was a chance meeting via the ultimate of networking tools myspace that brought them to the attention of rekless and dazzler, dazzler had happened upon their page and contacted them to say he’d like what he had heard on their page and could they send him anymore stuff along the same lines. That night rekless and dazzler were doing a gig in reading alongside the likes of Tim Westwood, on the way to the club dazzler told rekless about these new finds and placed a cd into the set of his car, they looked at each other and knew they had found something special, that night they played the tunes out , they went down so well they phoned the duo on the way back from the club and arranged to meet up for some much needed contract signing!!.
    A few days later rekless and dazzer headed down the motorway to Northampton for a 1st meeting, it wasn’t long before they were all having a laugh and listening to new stuff they had produced every track sounding better than the last, after a long chat sounds destructive liked the sound of what rekless and dazzler were trying to achieve at Cyntax Error and signed on the dotted line, and the rest is history. After the massive success of ‘The Lawnmower tune’ sounds destructive have their second release ready for the off another assault on the dance floor entitled police tape with Many Moons on the flip both tracks are already being dropped worldwide on dub and getting great support from the likes of KENNY KEN, CHRISSY CHRIS, SHODAN and PHANTASY to name but a few.

    So what’s next for Cyntax Error, Rekless and dazzler are yet to showcase their full roster of artists also known as The Error Squad, each artist being very accomplished producers with their on style and spin on dnb, Manga is one such artist who has been quietly building his repertoire of tunes from his bedroom based studio in the heart of south London for years, this jump up specialist is causing a big fuss on the scene with his dancefloor smash World of manga currently being rotated on dub, with plenty more wobble basslines in his arsenal Manga is a much sort after producer and a welcome addition to the Cyntax error family. Also Label co owner Dj Rekless is planning to release tracks on his own imprint a lawnmower remix has already been done with longtime friend and well known producer Shodan which should be hitting shops towards the end of the summer as well as his solo projects which he has pencilled in to be released towards the end of the year. Dazzler is also no stranger to the studio and is also planning projects for release during the coming months. Cyntax Error has managed to break through and be noticed, the spotlight has been cast in their direction and ‘The Error Squad’ plan to use this to their advantage to build a label with longevity and also quite simply to produce quality dance floor drum and bass to an industry that seems to be going from strength to strength.