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Sep 20, 2008
Cyndicut Takeover 2night! www.bassbinterrorists.co.uk - Mr Lean BBT Kreepy Kre - Tazer, Richochet, Hectic & Young Reyes 7.30pm ---> 10pm.

Lock in tonight, from 7.30 – as Cynidcut FM 97.8s resident DJ’s and MC’s converge en mass @ Bassbinterrorists HQ. Gonna be a massive link up – expect disgusting tunes, and fresh phat bars.

Studio webcam all up and running, chatroom biz as usual. If you have trouble with the chatroom, you may need a Java update.

The site is under construction, so bare with us – go to chatroom, to access the video (and chatroom!) and click on LISTEN LIVE to tune in.

To get you in the mood here are 2 recent sets, taken from Bassbinterrorists, and featuring many of the MC’s and DJ’s who are playing tonight.



See ya there!

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Mr Lean
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