Cymbalism Recordings presents CYMB003 - Subsonik & Gyromite - After All b/w Remember




A: Subsonik & Gyromite - After All
AA: Subsonik & Gyromite - Remember

While many question what kinds of oddities lurk in the confines of the panhandle state, a filthy reece shatters this fictional reality exposing the next trance ‘n bass superstar duo, Subsonik & Gyromite. Easily compared to the likes of John B, Ben Sage and Ill.Skillz, each release unleashes equal parts of trance, drums, bass and vocals, all coming together to assault the dancefloor. Subsonik’s first official release comes by way of Nebraska’s Cymbalism Recordings on catalogue number 003 with After All b/w Remember.

Side A introduces “After All,” the first of two vocal rollers on Cymbalism’s third release. An atmospheric intro builds into a dancefloor vibe overshadowed by vocode-warped lyrics. As an eloquent female voice penetrates the trancey breakdown, the vocal is brought to an echoing decrescendo before the drums come back, slamming down hard for a second time. This is definitely one for the crowd.

The flipside of this release, entitled “Remember” (dedicated to the life of Erica Payne), is created in the vibe of John Rolodex and Psidream. Rolling amens are accompanied by a short vocal sample while a steady tone keeps the background chilled out. A sudden halt in sound lays the grounds for a euphoric female vocal and another deadly build-up. The drop which follows is absolutely killer. Reece samples and hard-hitting drums drive this one straight to the bass bins while the vocal continues to recycle itself throughout the remainder of the track. Watch out for this one on big systems.

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