Cymbalism Recordings announces newest artist.. DJ Odi !!!

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    Today I would like to announce that Cymbalism has entered into an agreement with DJ Odi. We are very proud to have a man with such tallent both behind the decks and production wise on our crew..

    stay tuned!!! more to come!!!

    DJ Odi
    (Cymbalism Recordings/Digital Konfusion /Jungle Sky/Strategic sessions/
    / )
    New York, NY

    Dj Odi is one of New York City's finest jungle DJs. His performances date
    back as far as 1989, when the 14 year old Harlem native began DJing for
    various events in his neighborhood. His musical interests took a new turn in
    1992, when he began promoting for the NASA parties of New York City. It was
    at these now-legendary parties that he gained his first residency, and began
    his career as one of America’s most sought after jungle DJs.

    Odi’s talent and ability to please a crowd quickly gained him notoriety. He
    began touring nationally in 1995; his immaculate sets packed dance floors
    everywhere with a party vibe that became synonymous with the DJ Odi name.
    His signature style was characterized by his unique blend of scratching and
    sampling, both of which were more prominent elements of hip hop music. His
    creative fusion of hip hop and early drum n bass rapidly gained popularity
    among DJs and producers, and it was through this fusion that Odi has been
    credited for the development of “hipstep” (a.k.a. “jump up”) jungle. His
    accomplishments as an innovator of urban music were further recognized in
    1998, when Odi became the first jungle DJ to ever be accepted into the
    prestigious ZULU Nation, forever demolishing the barrier between hip hop and
    drum n bass.

    While DJ Odi is best known for his live performances, he is also an
    established producer. His production history goes as far back as 1995, with
    releases on both BML and the now defunct Jungle Sky label. He also pushed
    his craft to larger levels with his successful foundation of the Digital
    Konfusion crew. Recently, Odi has been working with the Digital Konfusion
    crew to spearhead their record label and clothing line, as well as running
    two successful radio shows on The Hijack airs on
    Wednesdays, from 1pm to 6pm EST, and the Digital Konfusion Mixshow, airs on
    Friday nights from 8pm to 11pm EST. Both shows are co-hosted with DJ Vandal,
    along with rotating guest DJs.

    Over the last decade, Odi has shared the stage with such legendary and
    respected DJs as: DB, On-E, Jason Jinx, Mr. Kleen, Frankie Bones, Adam X,
    Soulslinger, Heather Heart, Micro, Richie Hawtin, Craze, Dara, The Burner
    Brothers, Blueline (of the Mathematics crew), Phantom 45, Danny the
    Wildchild, Freaky Flow, J-Smooth, AK1200, Capital J, Hazeus, Trace, Ed Rush,
    Andy C, Darren J, DJ SS, Keaton, Hive, DJ Rap, Stakka, Roni Size, Krust,
    Bryan Gee, Sonic & Silver, and DJ Seoul. He can also be seen playing various
    New York drum n bass events such as Direct Drive, Camouflage, Recess, and
    the infamous Koncrete Jungle, where he headlines Strategic Sessions on the
    last Monday of every month.


    “Anthem”, This is Jungle Sky: Volume 1, 1996

    Naughty Ride Remix, Jungle Sky 12”, 1995

    "I Don’t Know EP", BML, 1997

    “Carbon Copies”, This is Jungle Sky: Volume 6, 1999

    “G Force V.I.P.”, This is Jungle Sky: Volume 7, 2000

    "Keep on Pressin’ On", BML 12”, 2001

    "Worldwide", BML 12”, 2001

    "Trust Someone", BML 12 “, 2001

    For more info or bookings contact