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Ipswitched Suffolk
Nov 17, 2010
hi mate
i dont make or listen to this style of dnb so bare with me.
like the intro keeps me interested nice and clear bright hats i always like
after the drop things seem to me to be quite muddy??
maybe more eqing of the low end out of some bits may reduce this the pads and fx for example
has some interesting darkness to it thou some more variation to the layout could also help

hope this helps -remember its just IMO


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Oct 25, 2009
nice style mate but it is quite muddy like somebody already said... lots of low end humming going on and im not sure what that is to do with but it doesnt sound like a bassline :/

it is very heavy tho :)


Nov 11, 2009
10x for the feedback guys..well i changed the bass line which pretty much ruined everything , i tried eq-ing the bass , but still sounded like crap so i've changed it completely :) I will post it after i'm done with it =D


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Mar 18, 2010
Madrid, Spain
OMg, need loot of eq, Is very confused... I'm not sure I Like this... Sound like Aphex Twin At 175bpm

this is almost touching technoid, which is the main style I love :)

I just woke up and thought that it was all muddy cause of my ears being dodgy now... that's why I quoted Cluster.
Sounds a bit messed up, you need to get rid of some elements, or change their octaves up or down ;)

all in all good ideas for sure!
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