Cyberex - in the night


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Sep 17, 2010
listening on headphones..the beeps in the intro are way too loud.

the track itself is pretty decent. although ur snare could do with some work, maybe some compression to make a lil tighter.
try introducing some percussion to fill out the empty space...i hear some hi hats, but they are very quiet/not coming through the mix very well.


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Oct 25, 2009
that hurt my head when i clicked play.

nice solid beat on it, i like the George.W.Bush samples.... personally kind of wondering why there is only kick and snare and no hats or percussion?? unless thats ur style... but it just seems too simple to me.

i like parts of this, but the mixdown seems kinda off (the beeps are just painful at points) keep at it tho got big potential with some of these sounds and reminds me of some of my old ecstasy inspired tunes lol duno what that means
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